Orthopedic Surgery for Pets - Lake Geneva WI

Dr. Scot Hodkiewicz has developed a special interest in orthopedic surgery.  He is trained in most orthopedic procedures including arthroscopic (using a small camera) joint surgery, fracture repair, and cruciate disease.  Arthroscopy allows diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as OCD (cartilage flaps in the joints) and FCP’s (Fragmented Coronoid Processes) of the elbow without the large incisions used in the past.  Fractures can be fixed in a variety of ways including the latest in plates (a locking plate), external fixators, screws, pins and wires.  Cruciate surgery (done for a torn knee ligament) is the most common orthopedic procedure and uses one of thee techniques; the TTA, TPLO, or the Extracapsular Suture method depending on the individual patient.