Cancer, Chemotherapy & Onocology Treatments for Pets

Although many people hear the word “cancer” or “chemotherapy” and think about the worst case scenario, there are many safe options and advancements in veterinary oncology. Dr. Welch and the staff at Lake Geneva Animal Hospital have experience and insight to help clients make a treatment plan that is best suited for their pet.

Chemotherapy is a broad term that is used to describe drugs that are toxic to cancer cells. Some chemotherapeutic drugs are administered orally as pills or capsules and some chemo drugs are given through injections. While the safety margin in some drugs is quite narrow, these drugs have been used very safely in pets and quite often are very effective in the treatment of cancer. Most veterinarians that use chemotherapy in pets understand the importance of safety for both clients and their pets. Dogs and cats both will generally handle chemo drugs with little or no side effects.

There are many different types of cancer in both people and pets. While many cancers are similar in people and pets, the treatment options often can vary greatly. Some types of cancer respond very well to chemotherapy or radiation therapy while some other types do not respond well. Certain cancers such as lymphoma, certain types of leukemia, and mast cell tumors will often respond very well to chemotherapy. It is important to consult with a veterinarian that feels qualified and comfortable discussing treatment options for each individual patient. The goal of most cancer treatment modalities in pets is to treat the cancer and achieve longevity for the pet without decreasing quality of life.