Liver Biopsy or Lobe Removal for Pets in Lake Geneva WI

The liver is often the site of diseases or abnormal growths. Often, a problem is first discovered on bloodwork and confirmed with an ultrasound. Diagnosis often requires a biopsy where a small piece of the liver is taken laparoscopically and sent to a pathologist for analysis. If there is a mass or tumor, it can be staged by examining the rest of the liver for spread of disease. Many times the disease is a form of hepatitis (liver inflammantion) that is not cancerous. Hepatitis comes in many forms but the biopsy can determine the cause and treatment options. Most of these procedures are done as an out-patient through a small incision. 


Liver lobe removal is almost always done due to a tumor and may be done at the same time as the laparoscopic exam. Many primary liver tumors are benign (non-cancerous but often very large) or single, cancerous tumors that can be surgically removed. A liver lobe can usually be taken without any significant loss of liver function to the patient.

Lake Geneva Animal Hospital is one of the few facilities capable of performing these operations.