Dermatology & Skin Disease Treatments for Pets - Lake Genva WI

At Lake Geneva Animal Hospital, we offer a wide range of dermatology services from treating a first-time ear infection to tackling chronic skin disease.
Our first goal is to identify the cause of your pet’s skin or ear problems.  Much of our testing can be done at our office, thereby giving you answers by the end of your first appointment.  We also have outside laboratory testing available for more challenging cases.  We will submit samples for culture and biopsy to improve our treatment success.
For patients suffering from allergic skin disease, we offer allergy testing to create a unique treatment program for your pet.  Additionally, we offer a wide range of prescription diets (including hypoallergenic and grain-free options) for treating patients with food allergies that can cause skin and ear infections.
Our in-house pharmacy allows us to start treatment for your pet immediately.  We also utilize veterinary compounding pharmacies to formulate palatable medications, allowing us to find the best medication to cure your pet’s illness.