Extracapsular Method for Pets - Lake Geneva WI

Extracapsular Method

The term ‘Extracapsular Method” encompasses many techniques for fixing a torn Cruciate Ligament.  All are similar in that the torn ligament is “replaced” with a very strong suture.  The "suture" is placed outside the joint capsule (extracapsular) not inside the joint (intracapsular).  This eliminates the need to place man-made materials (the suture) inside the joint which invariably leds to inflammation, arthritis and ultimately failure.  This is the oldest of the fixation methods but is now recommended for only small dogs under 25 pounds.  We still offer this technique for larger dogs in order to save on cost but larger dogs often break the suture and then need a second surgery.  Also, it was found that larger dogs developed significantly more arthritis in the knee than those that have had the TTA or TPLO procedures.  A doctor will evaluate each patient and discuss the three options to determine which is best for each case.