TTA - Tibial Tuberosity Advancement for Pets

The TTA stands for Tibial Tuberosity Advancement.  This is the newest of the techniques for fixing a torn cruciate ligament and involves moving the attachment of the patellar tendon forward (advances it).  The bone is held in its new position with a spacer and a titanium plate until the bone heals.  After surgery, the cruciate ligament is no longer necessary for normal knee movement.  The advantage of the TTA method is that the bone will heal permanently in its new position; there is no suture to break like in the Extracapsular, or "Tightrope" methods.  This procedure causes less tissue trauma than the TPLO and is done by Dr. Scot Hodkiewicz in-house therby reducing the cost of a TTA over a TPLO with very similar results.


Most TTA's cost between $2200 and $2600.  This also includes a follow-up x-ray taken at eight weeks to confirm healing.

If coming from a distance away, Dr. Scot can frequently schedule the appointment to examine your pet early in the morning on the same day of surgery in order to reduce travel time.  Please inform the receptionist when planning on leaving your dog for surgery the same day and withhold food and water.

Please call with any questions.