Giving Back to the Lake Geneva Community Pets & Wildlife

Fellow Mortals

Fellow Mortals is a local wildlife rehabilitation facility. The doctors here at Lake Geneva Animal Hospital and The Geneva Lakes Animal Hospital perform various procedures on these injured animals most commonly fracture and laceration repair. These services are done as a donation; there is no charge to Fellow Mortals. We encourage people to donate to this fine organization that rescues and rehabilitates hundreds of wild animals each year.

This screech owl was brought to Fellow Mortals Wildlife Rescue in Lake Geneva with a broken wing. It is likely that he was struck by a car. Fellow Mortals brought him to Lake Geneva Animal Hospital and Dr. Scot placed a stainless steel pin in the wing to get it to heal. Three months later, the pin had been removed and this beautiful bird was ready for release back to the wild. Dr. Scot, Dr. Mona (with their son Chase) released him and he never looked back.

Rescue Groups

Kindred Kitties is a cat rescue dedicated to finding caring homes for lost cats.

Tiny Paws is a rescue group for both small dogs and cats.

Lake Geneva Animal Hospital and the Geneva Lake Animal Hospital provides services at reduced rates for these groups.

Student Mentorship

Lake Geneva Animal Hospital routinely brings in student groups and individuals interested in veterinary medicine. Many of the students are able to see surgery or diagnostics performed in order to better understand the veterinary field. If you are interested in participating, we do ask that you call ahead to set up an appointment with our office manager.

Walworth County Fair

Lake Geneva Animal Hospital has provided a “Veterinary Booth” in the Discovery Barn at the Walworth County Fair. The booth has various displays pertaining to veterinary medicine and numerous animals for the kids and adults to hold. This is a great opportunity for kids and young adults to ask questions about what we do and foster interest in the field.

Lost Animals/Strays

Lake Geneva Animal Hospital provides the local police and sheriff departments with access to our kennels 24 hours a day. They bring lost or abandoned animals here for food, water, and shelter until the morning when efforts can be made to locate the owner.